Nintendo 2DS XL

The Nintendo 2DS XL is a new edition of the 2DS, it has similar dimensions to the 3Ds XL both in structure and screens, but being lighter and having the same power, being its only notable difference the absence of a 3D function. It also includes the new lever C, which allows us to control more sensitively and by applied pressure the movements we make, and an integrated NFC reader that will allow us to read and use the amiibo cards. Finally, we can choose the color or theme of our portable console between several versions.



Animal Crossing, Pokeball, Pikachu, Minecraft



White-orange, White-lavender, Black-turquoise, Black-lime green.


Additional content:

  • DS touch pen
  • Micro SDHC 4GB memory card
  • Power adapter
  • 6 cards for the RA function
  • Manual


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